Alston has figured out how to whisper. I got the camera out to try to catch him on film. Here’s what he said.


Its so amazing how quickly they start picking things up. I put him in his car seat the other morning and he said, “Go.” Now he waves and says, “bye bye” at the same time. He has said the dogs’ names, has often called me “Beh”, which makes me think he’s calling me Beth. Occasionally he says mama, but says Beh quite a bit. He says words randomly, when you least expect them, then doesn’t say them again for a while. Its always in context to whatever we’re doing. {Usually he’s repeating something you’ve just said.} I know he knows the words and what they mean, he just chooses not to talk, I guess. Either way, he’s getting to be very smart and is growing so fast! He takes two or three steps and understands– and even obeys– when you tell him no. If he’s hungry, you can ask him if he wants to eat or wants a bottle and he’ll react to let you know what he wants. He is very sweet and gets his feelings hurt if you leave without telling him first. I’ve found if you tell him bye bye he doesn’t cry when you leave, but if you walk out of the room without saying anything he gets very upset. So I usually talk to him from wherever I am in the house, just to let him know I haven’t just disappeared.

He also loved wheels. I don’t know, I guess its a boy thing.


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