Just Beachy…

Well, it seems it took me a whole week to recover from vacation. I am finally sitting down to go through all of my {many} pictures from Alston’s first beach trip. I have already shared a few of my favorites that Kristin and Tammy took… Here is a recap of our trip…

{Day 1} Isabella wore her sunglasses upside-down most of the time while we were at the beach. Alston loved the sand so much that he even tried a taste… then he got tired of it very quickly. Total Beach Time: 30 min. Daddy had the great idea of going for a little stroll since our beach time was cut short. Once we got back to the beach house, everyone came up and we played on the deck…

{Day 2} The “daddies” {as Ella called them} went golfing Thursday morning, so Kristin and I took a morning shopping trip, where Alston had pizza for the first time. Ella was kind enough to share with him and he loved it. With high hopes, we headed to the beach for a second go round. This time we didn’t let Alston get wet so that the sand wouldn’t stick to him as badly. He enjoyed it, but still ended up sandy and unhappy. Total Beach Time: 1 hour. After we came in from the beach, we decided to have some more playtime on the deck. We knew we would have to have a bath, so we just let Alston play naked for a while… Then we went to eat at Flounders and took a stroll down the boardwalk.

{Day 3} Alston likes to carry things around in his mouth. He looks like a dog. Its very funny . Unfortunately, he found a dollar bill and looked more like a Chippendale instead. We decided to take Alston back to the beach and keep his passy in his mouth so that he wouldn’t eat the sand. It worked. He was a very happy little baby. His daddy took him into the ocean.

Taking a baby to the beach isn’t very relaxing. We had to pack a million and one things. He didn’t sleep well while we were there and therefor neither did we. Someone constantly had to be watching him because the inside wasn’t baby-proof. Thankfully, we had lots of helping hands and a deck that kept the babies entertained the entire time we were there. The only way to get onto it was through the french doors and the rails were spaced about 4 inches apart. Completely baby-proof. Way to go Nana. We also got to spend some good quality family time together with our favorite {not really, but might as well be} family. A big thanks to Nana Tammy and Grandpa Cookie for inviting us to go, another to Josh, Kristin, and Uncle Bull for lending a hand {or two, or six}, another to Miss Ella Dean for taking a walk with Alston and me, and another to Isabella for helping me feed Alston snacks. We had a great time!


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