And we’re back! And off to a running start…

Since we came home from our beach trip, we have been very busy getting readjusted to non-vacation life. Alston’s schedule got all messed up and we’ve been fighting some crankiness… and Alston has been a bit irritable, too. While we were away at the beach, Alston was very restless during the night and could only handle so much of the beach during the day. He was constantly on the move and we were constantly chasing him around the non-baby-proofed beach house. Thankfully we had lots of extra hands available to help. Even Isabella wanted to help and sat and fed him snacks with me. I have SO many great pictures… but once again… they will have to wait until I get home to upload them. Until then, I’ll leave you with the anticipation of some great beach pics, Alston’s 9 month portraits and a couple of video clips from our vacation. {Sorry— you’ll have to wait!}

Saturday when we returned home, we took Alston to go stay with his Paw Paw Alan & MiMi, then we went home and got some much needed rest (from vacation). On Sunday, when we returned to pick him up, we were playing in the living room and he took his first step! He has since been letting go and taking a step (or two) and then plopping back down on his bottom. I estimate he will be walking within the next month. I’ll try to get some footage, but he only does it when he isn’t thinking about it. So, now that we’re back in the swing of things, I’ll try to post more often. {I know I say this often.} Until then!


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