Just relaxing…

I missed Alston more than I usually do while I was away at work today. I daydreamed about staying home and designing my own line of stationery. I would absolutely love being able to stay home with him all day- he just growing up too fast. As soon as I arrived at Mammy’s, Alston displayed his amazing stair climbing abilities. I was curious to see how far he would go, so with mammy close behind him, we let him scale them– all the way to the top! I was surprised at how easily he climbs stairs even though he isn’t walking yet.

After dinner, we went to see the new baby chicks and picked some fresh veggies from the garden.

On the way home, we rolled all the windows down and drove r-e-a-l s-l-o-w… we passed the spot where Patrick and I want to build our dream house. Isn’t it beautiful?


2 thoughts on “Just relaxing…

  1. It's amazing how him and AR have reached developmental milestones at pretty much the same time. On Father's Day at my Dad's I turned around and AR was on the third step and ready to climb the rest. They have mastered the crawling stage and now we have reached the climbing stage…


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