Fixin’ Up Everything for Father’s Day…

Alston spent the night with his Mammy and PawPaw last night, because I {like my mother} get tired of seeing the same-old same-old and have to reorganize and rearrange every couple of months and I {like my step-dad} absolutely HAVE to finish something when I start it, otherwise it drives me crazy. I hate loose ends. I was up until 12 a.m. cleaning, organizing, and rearranging. My mom knew once I got started it was going to be an all-out event, so she offered to take Alston home with her. At 11:30 last night, after I finished all the big projects I wanted to do, I made Patrick’s Father’s Day present. I got us and Ava Reese’s family tickets to go here for a fun little outing. I’m going to make Patrick wear his Father’s Day gift. {I’m glad he doesn’t check this blog, or else the surprise would be ruined!} Won’t they look sweet?

We’re going to the game tonight, so hopefully I’ll have some good pictures to post tomorrow. Until then, I’ll probably be playing here and posting about my creative adventures and ideas.


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