And we’re off!!!!

Alston has been getting around pretty well over the past two weeks or so. He’s started off by doing “the army man” and then progressed to “the worm”. This morning however, he actually crawled. Not just two or three hand-over-knee movements across the floor. He crawled all the way across the bathroom floor. What inspired such motivation? His daddy was in the shower, and he wanted in there, too! {Since Alston’s been sitting up, we’ve been letting him sit in the bottom of the shower– it makes life much easier, since he’s been worming his way around…} Either way, he’s completely mobile now. Get ready world!

On another note, I had the best first Mother’s Day I could have ever hoped for! We started the day by sleeping in {just a little} and then daddy fixed us waffles for breakfast. He and Aslton gave me a very sweet card and some sidewalk chalk. He had intended on writing me a message on the driveway, but it was wet. The thought was still very sweet, and oddly enough, I had just been thinking about how I needed some chalk. Perfect! {He must have been taking advice from Ella’s SD*!} We made it to the 9:30 service at church; I tried to talk Patrick into letting us take Alston to the nursery, but he {Patrick} still isn’t ready yet. So I sat and enjoyed a wonderful message* about hope while daddy walked Alston around outside. Maybe next week we can enjoy the service together– we’ll see. Afterward, we went to visit my mom and had lunch with my family, where Alston got his first {of many, I’m sure} black eye. He took a spill while pulling up {to standing!} on his boat, but he was okay and his shiner is almost gone this morning. Then we went to see Patrick’s mom where Alston and I laid down and took a much needed nap together. Then had chicken and dressing dinner with Momma D. Afterward we went home and played in our new fort {the box from our new air conditioner.} All in all, it was a great day and a wonderful start to many Mother’s Day adventures with Alston!


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