Easter Pictures

In Vincent, there is a local couple who take Easter portraits of children and babies with live baby animals. This year, Ashley and I decided we were going to take Alston and Ava Reese. I had seen previous years’ portraits, and they were very sweet, so it seemed like a really good idea. It was supposed to be relatively inexpensive, so I figured I could squeeze it in under my budget. Boy- were we wrong. The whole situation was not good. 6 month old babies, baby lambs and rabbits, and fake greenery on hay bales don’t really make for a good combination. Alston wanted to eat the fake grass and the hay bales, the lamb wanted to suck on his chubby little fingers (because he thought it was a bottle) and the rabbits were very excited and pooed everywhere. Terrible. So, Ashley & I decided to take our own Easter portraits. I think they turned out great. And its much less stressful because I wasn’t worried about someone getting frustrated with my child. I’m posting a few of my favorites, but only of Alston. I haven’t given Ashley here copy of the pictures yet, so I want her to be able to post her pictures of Ava Reese first. I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Alston wanted to eat the bark…

See his little ornery grin?

I gave him a flower…

…and he tried to eat it too.

Alston & Ava Reese holding hands…

Rolling around…

We had a visitor… see the goose?

He looks just like his daddy…

If you click the picture, you can see his little tooth!

Another daddy face…

The End!


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