A tooth, kisses, and Daddy love…

We’ve had several false alarms– but this is the real deal. Alston has been a very slobbery baby for about 2 months now. He would get really fussy, and I would think, “He must be teething… he’s never fussy and he’s been really slobbery” and no tooth ever appeared. Well, we finally have one. For about a week he has been especially cranky and would just burst into tears for no apparent reason. After he bumped his mouth on the lap bar of the stroller, and had his mouth wide-open screaming, my mom noticed it- a tiny little white tooth, just below the surface of his gums. Yesterday, it finally broke the surface. You can feel it when he bites down on your finger. I have yet to catch a photo of it, but when I do, I’ll be sure to post it.
Patrick has started a new job out of town, so we spent the night with my parents on Monday night. I gave Alston his first taste of stage 2 baby food. He’s not completely sitting up on his own, but he’s almost there and he’s a really good eater. So I made executive decision as mom to let him have some. So far, so good. He loves it. While we were there, Mammy and I put together his Jumperoo. I think I had more fun playing with it than he did. He hasn’t quite figured out that he can make it bounce, but he likes playing in it anyway. Alston has also starting giving out lots of kisses. At first, every time Mink would get him he would grab her face and give her a big open-mouth kiss on the cheek. He never did it to anyone else and we thought it was so funny. Mink would say, “Give Mink her sugar” and he would plant a big slobbery wet one on her. The day before yesterday, when I got to my mom’s I put him straight in his seat to try his new food. I usually spend some time visiting with him, but I figured he was probably hungry and I was excited for him to try some chicken and vegetables. After his very messy dinner. I cleaned him up and left him in his seat while I had my dinner. Afterward, I finally picked him up to love on him and the first thing he did was plant a big huge his right on my mouth. How funny! Now, he’s been giving everyone kisses. As soon as someone picks him up, he gives them a kiss. What a sweet little greeting.
Last night, Patrick came home and we slept in our own bed at our own house. I think Alston had missed his Daddy, because this morning he laid on his side facing his Daddy, playing with his whiskers and talking to him. “Ooooohh Oh. Ohhhhhhh Oh Oh. Ew. Ewwww.” That must be baby for “I missed you, Daddy!”


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