Uncle Greg & Range

Alston loves Uncle Greg and Uncle Greg loves Alston. When they get together, there is fun to be had! Alston also loves animals. Dogs are his favorite. Alston has always loved Range, but Range has not always loved Alston- until now. Here is a picture of Alston with his Uncle Greg and his new found friend, Range.

Up until just recently, Range has completely ignored Alston. Deuce, on the other hand, will give anyone a kiss who will let him. Here is Alston laughing like we’ve never heard him laugh before.

{Note: If this were anyone else’s dogs besides my own, I probably would not have been so comfortable with them being in his face. But, they aren’t someone else’s they are mine. Anyone who has reservations about Pit Bulls should come meet mine.}//www.youtube.com/get_player


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