Spring Swing

This past Sunday, instead of going to church, we spent the day outside enjoying one of God’s best creations. Spring is proof that God exists. Bern Williams said, “The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day He created Spring”. There is just something fabulous about the first bit of warm weather and being able to spend time outdoors.
Patrick and I did some cleaning up around the house, and Alston played in his walker on the back deck. Later, I found this swing, that his Auntie Anna Belle gave him. I remember pushing her in it the summer that Patrick and I first started dating. Now we have our own baby to push in it. I was afraid he wouldn’t be big enough for it, but it’s just the right size, and when he gets bigger, we can hang it from a tree. Right now, it’s hanging from my fern hooks. Don’t worry, they support up to 50 lbs. apiece, and Alston weighs less than 20. For now.

He’s growing so fast. Soon he’ll be sitting up all by himself. He’s already trying to scoot around on his tummy. This is somewhat of a relief though, because it means he’ll be walking in the not-so-near future. He’s almost as big as I am– he’s too long for me to hold like a baby–If he gets too much bigger, I won’t be able to carry him at all.
Anyway- after a long day of playing outside, he needed a bath. Afterward, we played “boxing” with daddy. Doesn’t he look just like a little prize-fighter in his bath robe?

Monday night, we went for dinner at my mom’s. She has been itching to put him in this bath seat, and since he’s pretty good at sitting up with a little help, we tried it out… He was more interested in the washcloth than anything else.


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