5 months already?

Today, Alston is 5 months old. Already! It seems like time is flying by since I’ve started my new job. This weekend, I brought my {really nice, expensive} work camera home to take Alston’s 5 months pictures. I’ll probably end up having some made anyway, because I’m just not that great at straight-on portraits. (There is a wall in his room that has a 5×7 from every month-all in matching frames- and you can tell how much he’s changed over the months. I want to keep the same professional look to all of them.) Anyway, here’s is my favorite from our photo session.

We also went to Presley’s birthday party. {Presley’s daddy and Alston’s daddy are cousins.} We played with Ava Reese and Isabella, and Alston got kisses from Isabella. Alston’s puppy got kisses from the birthday girl.

I think Alston finally got tired of having his picture taken.


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