4 months!

Alston turned 4 months on Monday, the 9th. I have been so busy with work, I’ve had no time to waste on the computer and have spent it all catching up for missed time with Alston. Being a working mom is way more demanding than I ever thought, and I am just now getting into the swing of things. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who has been helping with housework and splitting nighttime feedings with me. For some reason, since Alston first started getting sick, he’s been waking up a couple of times during the night, and is just now starting to sleep longer during the night. He had been sleeping 6-7 hours without eating. Last night, he slept only 5, but that’s much better than waking up every 3 hours, which is what he did while he was sick. Ashley and I had Ava Reese & Alston’s pictures made last Saturday. They should be ready on Monday, and I can’t wait to share them!

Here’s what Alston is doing:

Pushing up on his arms and rolling over…

Eating baby food–and loving it!

Talking and laughing…

Here’s what he loves:

His newly found feet…

Watching cartoons…

His mommy & daddy (of course!)


2 thoughts on “4 months!

  1. I’m loving the pictures! I (me, that blogger addict) haven’t had time to update either. I haven’t even taken one picture this week! BUSY BUSY BUSY.. Hopefully we will see you guys this weekend so we can play! I can’t wait to get AR’s and Alston’s pictures back on Monday! Talk to you soon!


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