All God’s Children

Monday, I left Alston at home with my mom, to start my first full week at work. Patrick didn’t have to be at work until later, so he stayed and played with Alston for a while. Alston had just started raising up on his chest and looking around on Saturday. Sure enough, Patrick had him on his tummy and he did it–he rolled over from his chest to his back. I missed it. I’ve been there to see all of his firsts, and I missed it. Luckily, he showed me last night, so I didn’t feel so bad about missing it. Instead of seeing his first roll, I saw his second. I’m starting to see the downside of being a working mother, but I’m very thankful for this job that I prayed so hard for. Hopefully, one day, when Patrick & I get off our feet, I won’t have to work and I can just be a mommy–which is what I truely think God called me to be–so much so, I’ve decided I’ll have as many as God blesses us with and makes it possible for us to provide for.

Today, while I was driving to work, I passed a semi-truck with several random things strapped to the back. To name a few: a shopping cart, a plastic lawn chair, and a kiddie pool. I entertained myself with the idea that it was an angel collecting trinkets for God. I can just see all of God’s keepsakes displayed–all things his children have made–like drawings on a refrigerator. I’m sure that he delights over our accomplishments, the way I delight over Alston when he does something new. It’s so wonderful to watch him learn & grow, even if he’s doing such a simple thing as laughing or rolling over. I’m sure God watches us as we find ways to fix everyday problems– inventing things to make life more simple–from something as basic as a kiddie pool to the harnessing of electricity. Inventions and discoveries that we think are so advanced–but on the grander scale, compared to an omniscient God, they are all so insignificant. Yet, I’m sure he beams with pride over us, the way we beam with pride over the simple, but wonderful things our children do. I just wanted to share another way God has shown himself to me through motherhood. What a wonderful thing to grow in Christ! So, don’t forget to delight in the small things in life.

{I’m blogging from work, so I’ll have to post pictures later, I just wanted to share while it was fresh on my mind!}


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