So Much Excitement!

First on my list of excitement, is the fact that I went on a call back interview yesterday at the graphic design position in Anniston, and they offered me a position! I start Wednesday. After I finish revamping the catalog, website, and packaging I’m going to be helping lay the ground work for a separate marketing company–not a division, a company–“Start thinking of a name,” they told me. The salary isn’t quite what I would call fabulous, but it’s my first job starting my career. So, thank you to all of you who have been praying for me and praise Him for answered prayers!!!!

Second on my list of excitement, is that my best friend Alison {who I rarely see enough of} and her sweet baby Isabella came to spend Sunday evening with us. I cooked a new recipe {that I will not recommend, because no matter how much Alison & Patrick said they liked it-it was not great} and we spent some quality time together. Alston was very fussy towards the end of the night, so I was bound to the rocking chair, but camera in hand, I snapped some really sweet shots. Turns out, Alston has been coming down with a cold. We made our first “sick” trip to the doctor yesterday afternoon; they prescribed C-Phen DM drops. I didn’t know they made cold medicine for babies. He’s feeling much better today.

Third, I spent Saturday with Patrick’s family. It was his little cousin Kate’s 2nd birthday. He was still out of town hunting, but we went without him. Alston had lots of fun–he got loved on by everyone there. {I hope he didn’t pass his cold on to them!}


2 thoughts on “So Much Excitement!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS sweetie on the job! It sounds wonderful – I know you must be so excited! Oh my… by Wednesday – do you mean tomorrow?? Awe, my sweet granddaughter looks so adorable! I’m so glad you and Alison got to spend some time together πŸ™‚ I miss her, and I especially miss Isabella. I can’t believe how big she looks. Well, I’m just gonna have a good cry now, lol.Love you so much baby girl!


  2. Hey Beffer!! I am so excited you got the job!!! Congrats! I asked Karen about it after the Irish fiddler night and she said she didn’t know, so I was really hoping you would blog about it soon!!! Yay πŸ™‚


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