Daddy’s Away

Well, I am very guilty of being one of those people who, before the baby came, always said things like “Oh, we’ll NEVER do that” and “My child will NOT act like that”. I’m constantly eating my words. But only on the first part, and hopefully I won’t have to on the latter. Here are a few things I said before Alston was born:
“I’m not going to have a spoiled baby.”
Well, babies are supposed to be spoiled. At least a little. I admit that Alston is spoiled, but there is a difference betwen being spoiled and spoiled rotten. If he enjoys being rocked, I’m going to rock him, because at the rate he’s growing, he’s going to be over half my size by the time he’s a year old. I hope he’s an early walker, that’s all I can say. You know when you see a 5 year old trying to carry around a 3 year old–that is so annoying to me–anyway, that’s what I’ll look like carrying him around if he doesn’t stop growing so fast. Point being: he’s only going to be little once; he’s only going to let me cuddle him for so long; he’s only going to want me to hold him for a little while: then he’s going to be his daddy’s little shadow, running around & getting into everything. If he’s anything like I was, he’ll be a little roman candle, climbing up the walls. Although, as crazy and outgoing as Patrick and I are, it would be something else if Alston turned out to be timid and shy. But as flirty as he is now, I don’t see that happening.
“He will not sleep with us.”
I said this because I read that co-sleeping can increase the risk of SIDS, and I was horrified at the thought of having a seven year old that wouldn’t sleep in his own bed. Well, here is the evidence of what kind of mischief we’re getting into when daddy is away.

I was watching Grey’s Anatomy, and if you watched it, then you understand the mommy tear that rolled down my face when the mom was saying goodbye to her little boy. {*sniffle} So I rolled over to check on my little sleeping boy and this was what I found. Camera at hand, I snapped this shot hoping the flash wouldn’t wake him. He was sleeping just like his daddy does sometimes. A little mini Patrick on Patrick’s big feather pillow. {*sigh} By the way, the little boy lived.


2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Away

  1. Tooooo sweet picture!!! You will eat many, many words in the years to come baby girl, trust me 🙂Hey, how funny is this… I had someone click my page because they did a google search on “I love Beth Alston”. Apparently she is an author and they must love her. The page that came up was the post I did that welcomed you when you first started your blog. That cracked me up – it was someone from Oregon 🙂Love you!!


  2. I had this exact same conversation the other day with Heath. There are so many things we have said that we wouldn’t do and we are SOOO eating our words now. I guess its true..never say never.. I LOVE the picture of him sleeping in the bed. I think he is going to be a very laid back child that just goes with the flow.. That my prediction. Ava Reese is going to be the high strung child that no one wants to be around..;)


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