Camera battery on charge…

As a new mommy, obsessed with taking pictures of my adorable little bundle of joy, I always make sure I have my camera on hand. So last night, when I noticed the battery was low, I took it out and charged it. Sure that I wouldn’t need it because Alston was fast asleep. Well, I put him in his new dino jammies and stuck him in the bed with me. My mom kept Alston on Friday night because I was sick {which thankfully turned out to be allergies–nothing serious} and again on Saturday night, so that Patrick and I could go out with his mom for her birthday. So naturally, I had missed him quite a bit, and wanted to snuggle up with him. At about 2 something, the dogs came upstairs because they wanted to be let out, and I woke up to find the cutest picture op imaginable–of course, because the camera was charging, I wasn’t able to take the picture. Here was Alston, in his adorable big boy jammies, sprawled out sideways in the bed- arms and legs stretched out like a snow angel. His head was at my shoulder and his feet were in Patrick’s ribs. This little bitty 16 pound child had Patrick and I sleeping on the very edges of the bed. How can this be? It was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen him do. So, after I let the dogs out, I moved him back where he had started out, His head on the pillow between Patrick and I. When the dogs came to wake me up again, at 6 something- there he was again-sideways in the bed. How did he keep wiggling around to that position? I still haven’t figured that out. Needless to say, after coming downstairs to a shredded comforter {the dogs’ bed} I’m not sure if I’ll be kind enough to let them in again tonight; and I’m very seriously thinking about purchasing a back-up battery so that I will never have to worry about missing such a precious picture again!


2 thoughts on “Camera battery on charge…

  1. So sweet!!! This doesn’t really have anything to do with your post, but I just noticed the link to Pastor Chris’s blog…do you go to COTH? The entire Sullivan family goes there…we usually go to the 9.30am service.


  2. Where did you find big boy jammies for him? Ava Reese needs some big girl jammies! That is so funny he is making circles in the bed.. When he gets bigger, you and Patrick are gonna have to start sleeping in the floor if he already has y’all on the edge! TOO FUNNY!


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