Christmas Boots

The best part about Christmas clothes is getting to wear them right after Christmas. For like, a whole week, everything you put on is brand new. Well, it’s so much more fun when you have someone else to dress up. Alston wore his camo onesie that my sister and #2 bought for him for Christmas. (#2 refers to Patrick, my sister’s new boyfriend, not to be confused with Patrick #1- my husband). The only thing that matches a camo onesie? Overalls, of course. And Alston has just gotten big enough to wear this adorable pair that I received as a brand-new hand-me-down. To top it all off, he sported a stylish pair of John Deere boots that Nana Tammy and Grandpa Cookie bought him. Where did he wear such an adorable outfit? Wal-Mart. My mom and I had to pick up a few things, and while we were waiting in line, this woman had a fit over Alston. Well, his boots, that is. “Darlene, come look at this- you are just going to love this! These boot are ADORABLE! The baby is cute, too, but just LOOK at these BOOTS! How sweet!” (In the most southern drawl you can imagine.) Yes, the boots are cute. But the baby MADE the outfit, okay? The clothes are only as cute as the baby- and he is definitely too cute to be upstaged by his boots.


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