Sick Baby

Alston hasn’t been feeling very well… last night we spent the night with my mom, because he just wouldn’t be put down… he just cried and cried. We gave him some Tylenol, hoping it would fix whatever was wrong, and I guess it made him feel better. He slept from 6:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. I know he needed it. He’s worn out from all the Christmas traveling and being passed around, so today we took it easy at home. His Pawpaw Alan and Mimi came over so we could exchange Christmas gifts. Patrick and his dad watched football, and Michel played with Alston, while I cleaned his messy room. There were Christmas gifts mounded up on top of his twin bed and Ficus leaves everywhere. (This humongous tree had to live in Alston’s room to make room for the Christmas Tree- it took up half of his room and left over half of its leaves behind.) I had to sort through his clothes and put away anything smaller than 3-6 months. He’s just too long and too round. He’s started sleeping in his bed during the day, so I needed to reorganize, and took full advantage of his grandparents. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking care of Alston, but I also love when grandparents are around. They always want to do everything, even change the #2 diapers, and I get a needed break to get some things done. I don’t think I really know how to just sit. If Alston is asleep, or otherwise occupied, there are a million and one things I could be doing. Right now, he’s sleeping on the couch while I update his page. I have mastered new levels of multitasking at super-speed. I still don’t think he feels very well, he’s been very fussy which is very out-of-character for him and he keeps waking up crying. Usually he just grunts a while- he hardly ever cries. He’s cried more the past two days than he’s cried in his entire three months of existence. Poor baby.


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