So Many Pictures, So Little Time

Alston will be 3 months old on the 9th of January… my, how time flies. We’ve been having his picture made every month to see how he’s changed in four short weeks. It’s interesting to track the progress. I’ve been trying to remember to take at least one picture everyday since he’s been born. Of course, adjusting my daily routine to fit the erratic schedule of a new baby has caused me to miss a few days worth of photos here and there- as well as a few meals- but my shrinking waist line is no cause for complaint. Now that Alston has become more predictable, I find I have more time to myself, and wanted a way to keep everyone updated on all the new and wonderful ways he’s changing. Everyday, he does something new, and as insignificant as it may seem, I know he’s growing up right before my eyes. I don’t want to take any little moment for granted, because like every parent knows, they do grow up so fast.


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