Christmas with Alston

When I woke up Christmas morning, I thanked God for the greatest gift I could ever ask for-my family. I don’t think you can ever really appreciate the meaning of Christmas, until you celebrate the birth of your own child. To experience that kind of love, really puts the greatness of God’s love into perspective. This Christmas was so exciting having Alston to share it with. We had Christmas Eve breakfast at Cracker Barrel, enjoyed a light lunch at Mink’s, and spent Christmas Eve with the Sullivans. On Christmas Day, we opened our gifts from Santa and went to my mom’s house to open presents. Afterward, we had Christmas Dinner with Patrick’s family. Then we came home to pack for our trip to Missouri to visit my family. Alston is the best car riding baby. He slept through the majority of the 11 hour drive and never offered to cry once. We had a huge all-day gathering with my Dad’s side of the family. It was nice for them to get to meet Alston, since we very rarely get to visit with that side of the family. We returned yesterday, and have spent today recovering from all of the Christmas festivities. I’m really looking forward to next Christmas, when Alston will be big enough to open his own gifts and really enjoy the holiday!


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